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Hey Parents,

Welcome to our first Thursday Thoughts.  I enjoyed meeting many of you on Sunday, and I look forward to serving you and your families in the coming year.  I hope you and your student will be encouraged to be a community that is informed and shaped by the cross leading to new creation.

My son Jed is now a big seven years old, but I am already experienced some tight lips when I ask him questions about school and life.  Some days he can talk till our ears ring and other days it is rough to get a peep.  At the Shepherd Press Blog, there was a great entry on Monologues and Teenagers:

The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge;
the ears of the wise seek it out. Proverbs 18:15

One of our readers left the following as part of a comment to the post, How Sin Works – Application to Teenagers:
“It is hard to dialogue and not monologue with a 13 year old who doesn’t respond. Any suggestion?”

This mom is not alone. Parents are frustrated by contrasts. Contrasts, such as when you observe your teenager talking a mile-a-minute with friends and yet, when you talk with him, his exuberance collapses into strained monosyllables.
Did you have a good day? Sort of.
How was your test? Okay.
Do you have homework? Maybe.
Do you have plans this weekend? Not sure.
Is anything bothering you? No.
Did you clean your room? Not yet.
I thought maybe we could talk later on. Why?
What did you think of the sermon? It was okay.
Why are you so hard to talk to? Aw, mom.
After you finish with a well-intended assessment of how things can be better, including appropriate Bible verses, your son says, Can I go now?

Such exchanges are disheartening. After the time and energy spent in raising your child to the teenage years, with all the love you have in your heart for him, it seems unfair and confusing for your child to act as though your relationship with him is such a burden. So what do you do – think of more creative monologues?

You can read the rest of part 1 here, part II here, part III here

Have a great week! Don’t forget to post comments and tell me what you think.

Until all have heard,



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Your Fearless Leader

Your Fearless Leader

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Sunday at Veritas, we are starting a new series titled:  “wasted:  keeping our lives from the bottom of the barrel.”

In this series we will examine how to live that counts.  Below are some of the things we will look at during the semester:

  • Don’t waste your life
  • Don’t waste your pain and suffering
  • Don’t waste your humor
  • Don’t waste your sports
  • Don’t waste your relationships
  • Don’t waste your money
  • Don’t waste your work
  • Don’t waste your sleep
  • Don’t waste your family
  • Don’t waste your fun
  • Don’t waste your mind
  • Don’t waste your mission
  • Risk is right, better to lose your life than waste it

Join us each and every Sunday night at 6:00 in the basement of Trinity Harbor Church.

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As you are probably aware already, we have our second Veritas 6.0 MEETING of the school year Sunday night.  Looks like Hurricane Ike will be coming to visit (probably will be a tropical storm by the time it hits us).  The rain shouldn’t be a problem for us, though, and we’re planning on having the meeting.

Don’t forget parents (or students, don’t let your parents forget) that we are having our first Parent Meeting of the semester.  Here are the details:

  • Parent Meeting at 5:00pm
  • Dinner for Parents and Students at 6:00pm
  • Meeting at 6:30pm
  • See you there!

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